The Various Benefits of Built In Grills and Portables

The basic method of grilling, involved cooking with dry heat applied to the surface of food. The food was placed on a wire mesh like structure whose rustic design was perfected over time to what we now know as the modern day grill. Using grills for cooking has many advantages.

Grilling was perhaps the first kind of cooking method used when man discovered the use of charcoal and its assistance to cooking.  Grilling is widely accepted as a tastier form of cooking especially meat, where the method involved enhances the flavor of the food. Today the basic grill has undergone several innovations to feature different types of grills.

Although there are many styles of grills, still the medium for cooking involves grills using charcoal, gas or electricity. When it comes to outdoor grilling and barbecues, nothing beats the convenience of built in grills. These large standalone models some stretching up to 4 feet in width come in variety of cooking mediums. The biggest benefit of  built in grills is the multipurpose utilities like hot case drawers, rotisseries, pizza trays and even its own lighting sytems. Some built in grills also have infrared burners.

A portable type of grill is ideal for camping trips

Portable grills on the other hand are good kitchen accessories. these could also be towed along when on camping trips or picnics in the countryside .the benefit of some portables is the fact that they support both gas,  propane and charcoal cooking and that’s important because the purpose of portable grills is to be able to carry it along when travelling and on outdoor trips gas is not always available. The best medium for cooking on portables is propane that is available in canisters ideal for outdoor trips.

The major advantages of grills are the fact they conserve energy due to the cooking method. Grilling food is best done on low heat over a span of time to ensure an even cooking of the ingredients. Cooking on grills assures you of better health as oil is not required. There is no question of your consuming fatty substances present in oil. However while grilling items like meat, it is best that you use some form of marination  with ingredients that include herbs like rosemary sage and olive oil which will preserve essence and flavor while cooking. These also help in reducing the release of carcinogens in event of meat being cooked on high flames.

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